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What You Need to Know

  • We buy clean, current, adult-sized clothing in like-new condition.
  • For any items we’re able to buy, we pay out 25% of our retail price in a check or PayPal payout or 50% in an In-Store Trade Card.

What about the items we can’t buy?

For any items we’re unable to buy, you can have them returned to you for a $14.99 shipping fee or donate them to a good cause through our Charity Yard Sales. Please choose carefully when you request a bag, as you won’t be able to change this later. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer tax receipts.

Why Donate?

Donating your unpurchased items is a great way to give back to the community and feel even better about your cleanout! All donated items go to a $1 Charity Yard Sale. These yard sales benefit a variety of non-profits that may not have a need for clothing but do have a need for funding.

More About Returns

If you’d like to have your unpurchased items returned to you, you’ll need to pay a $14.99 shipping & handling fee. When we finish processing your items, we’ll direct you to a link to make this payment.

Please take a moment to read our Terms of Service.

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What Our Charities are saying

Humane Society of southern Arizona logo

“Buffalo Exchange’s $1 Charity Yard Sale is a great boost to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Not only does it generate much-needed funds to support our shelter and placement programs, prevention services and educational offerings, but the $1 Charity Yard Sale also gives us an opportunity to share information about our organization with hundreds of shoppers. We even got to show off some great adoptable dogs! The $1 Charity Yard Sale is a natural extension of Buffalo Exchange’s obvious commitment to the community.”

– Humane Society of Southern Arizona, 2015 $1 Charity Yard Sale Beneficiary

BICAS logo

“With help from Buffalo Exchange’s $1 Sale, BICAS provides the following to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity: an Earn-A-Bike program, Work-trade, Community Service, Bike Repair and Community Tools. Through these recycling and education programs, we strive to provide sustainable skills and sustainable transportation for all.”

– BICAS, 2016 $1 Charity Yard Sale Beneficiary