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What You Need to Know

  • We buy clean, current, adult-sized clothing in like-new condition.
  • For any items we’re able to buy, we pay out 25% of our retail price in a check or PayPal payout or 50% in a Store Trade Card.

What about the items we can’t buy?

For any items we’re unable to buy, you can have them returned to you for a $14.99 shipping fee or donate them to a good cause through our Clothing for the Community® program. Please choose carefully when you request a bag, as you won’t be able to change this later. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer tax receipts.

Why Donate?

Donating your unpurchased items is a great way to give back to the community and feel even better about your cleanout! Through our Clothing for the Community® program, Southern Arizona non-profit organizations can receive large clothing donations from Sell By Mail. Charities then use this donation of clothing and accessories to generate money for their organization by hosting a $1 Sale. Variations of this program have raised $28,577 since 2015.

More About Returns

If you’d like to have your unpurchased items returned to you, you’ll need to pay a $14.99 shipping & handling fee. When we finish processing your items, we’ll direct you to a link to make this payment.

Please take a moment to read our Terms of Service.

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What Our Charities are saying

Humane Society of southern Arizona logo

“Buffalo Exchange’s $1 Charity Yard Sale is a great boost to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Not only does it generate much-needed funds to support our shelter and placement programs, prevention services and educational offerings, but the $1 Charity Yard Sale also gives us an opportunity to share information about our organization with hundreds of shoppers. We even got to show off some great adoptable dogs! The $1 Charity Yard Sale is a natural extension of Buffalo Exchange’s obvious commitment to the community.”

– Humane Society of Southern Arizona, $1 Charity Yard Sale Beneficiary

La Paloma Family Services Logo

“The proceeds will go towards our foster care program – especially celebration events for the kids and their families. These events give the kids the opportunity to be kids and in a safe place… It also was fun to watch the girls from our group home come pick out clothes. They had such a great time getting to pick whatever they wanted. It’s an opportunity they rarely get. I also had a short conversation with a woman this week who was excited to have ‘new’ clothes for her new job. This event has filled my heart in so many ways… We are truly thankful to Buffalo Exchange for this opportunity.”

– La Paloma Family Services, $1 Charity Yard Sale Beneficiary